Stationary Concrete Batching plant – Inline bins

Stationary Concrete Batching plant available in 45 to 240 M3 Hr. Capacity. Speco is a single source supplier of turnkey concrete batching and mixing plant solution with decades of experience and numerous installation of various capacities we provide you with everything needed to the very heart of your business to produce the highest quality product possible. We specialize in project where consistent. Superior quality concrete is required as well as on site concrete plants for the construction of large civil projects such as roads, bridge, ports, dames, runways, building and tunnels etc.

Technical Specification

S No.DescriptionSP-45
1.Mixer TypeTwin Shaft/ Planetary/Pan mixer
Capacity Input/ Output1000/750
Batch Size M30.75
Motor Power HP 30/30/45
Power Pack3 HP
2.Aggregate Bins
Nos. of Compartment 4 x 4
Capacity of each bins 6 M3
Total Capacity24 M3
3.Cement Screw Conveyor
Diameter219 mm
Length10000 mm
Power HP15 HP
Capacity60 TPH
Hopper Capacity 500 KG
4.Air Compressor
Capacity120 Litter
Power3 HP
5.Weighing Conveyor Belt
Width / Thickness 800/10 mm
Power10 HP
6.Charging Conveyor Belt10 HP
Width / Thickness 800/10 mm
Power10 HP
7.Water Pump
Flow Pipe2.0”
Power2 HP
Hopper Capacity 300 Litter
8.Add Mixer Pump
Flow0.75 “
Power1 HP
Jar Capacity 7 Litter
9.Weighing Capacity
Aggregate1875 KG
Cement500 KG
Water250 Litter
Additive7 Litter
DG Set required.125 KV