Dedicated solely to the manufacturer of Speco Asphalt Hot Mix Paver Finishers product ensures users of our product are supported by a company totally on their continual paving needs. User friendly, simple maintance generous and access are key features in any Speco paver built today with a strong in fluency to provide complete customer satisfaction throughout the service life of the Speco paving unit. Versatility and flexibility enables our paver company to amend and alter standard build specification machines to be specifically tailored to match your enacting requirements be that a country trend or an individual preference. Single level control for speed gearing is provided which prevent dual engagement and breaking of gears: All operating levers including panel switch board are handy and within easy reach; All gears and shafts of gear box are made from alloy steel and are hardened and ground for efficient working; screed is vibrated with  hydraulic motor to compact laid layer; All jacks are having some kind of seal kit (Piston seal of PU material)