About SLCM
TRANSMISSION: Hydrostatic Bosch-Rexroth. Heavy duty differential axles with planetary reducers 4 wheel driving and steering.
SPEED: Working speed from 0 to 9 km/hr. Road transfer from 0 to 27 km/hr. Electronic servo Control.
DRIVING SEAT: front cab on side of loading shovel. ROPS-FOPS cabin complete with dual closing door.
CHASSIS: Steel profile specially engineered for off-road operations
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: four independent circuits. Two variable outlet pump for hydrostatics transmission. And drum rotation. Two gear pump for service. Inlet or outlet filter. Heat exchanger water/oil/Air type.
CHUTE: Slewing and hydraulically belting fitted with two pins easily detachable to increase discharge height
WATER SYSTEM: Self-contained. Hydraulic driven water pump water meter, washing outlet high pressor water pump (400 LTR/MIN) on request.
GRADIENT: Fully loaded 30% (16-17 degrees)
BREAKS: Oil bath disc break inside differently axel. Twin independent circuits Negative hydraulic parking break.
TYERS: Off road industrial type 16/70/20 PR 14.
STEERING: Hydrostatics 3 way steering radius internal 1800 mm & external 400 mm.
ELECTRIC SYSTEM: 12 Volt. 120 Ah battery for electronic starter and road lighting. Safety battery cut off
TANKS: Water 2×4000 liters, Diesel 115 liters. Hydraulic oil: 80 Liters.