Compact Concrete Batching Plant

Speco introduce SP Series, especially designed for the production of concrete at site where the quality, flexibility and performance are key feature to consider the main advantage of this plant is that is it doesn’t required large foundation and other civil construction, it’s easy to dissemble transport and assemble again. Inmtwo days we assemble your plant in a new site producing concrete save your time and money. It’s available in Single Shaft/ Twin Shaft / Planetary Mixer and Pan Mixer with capacity 21 to 120 M3 hr.
There are two coats of paint of the color is being applied including element like stairs, balconies payments discharge mouth of aggregate bins to resist to the attacks of the weather situation.

Technical Specification

1.Mixer TypePan mixerSingle shaft /Twin shaft /Planetary mixer /Pan mixerSingle shaft /Twin shaft /Planetary mixer /Pan mixerSingle shaft /Twin shaft /Planetary mixer /Pan mixer
Capacity Input/ Output500/350750/5001000/7501500/1000
Batch Size M3 0.35 0.50.751
Main Drive Motor with Gear20 HP30 HP45 HP60 HP
Power Pack1.5 HP2 HP3 HP3 HP
2.Aggregate Bins
Nos. of Compartment2x42x42x43x3
Capacity of each bins 3 M34 M36 M39 M3
Total Capacity12 M316 M324 M327 M3
Sand vibrator0.35 HP0.5 HP0.5 HP0.5 HP
3.Cement Screw Conveyor
Diameter168 mm219 mm219 mm219
Length9000 mm10000 mm10000 mm11000 mm
Power HP10 HP12.5 HP15 HP20 HP
Capacity45 TPH60 TPH60 TPH90 TPH
Hopper Capacity250 KG 300 KG500 KG750 KG
Cement dis-char. vibrator0.35 HP0.35 HP0.5 HP 0.5 HP
4.Air Compressor
Capacity90 Litter120Litter150 Liter180 Liter
5.Weighing Conveyor Belt
Width / Thickness800/10 mm800/10 mm800/10 mm800/10 mm
Power5 HP7.5 HP10 HP12.5 HP
6.Water Pump
Flow Pipe1.0”1.5”2.0”2.5.”
Power1 HP1.5 HP2.0 HP3.0 HP
Hopper Capacity 100 Litter150 Litter250 Litter350 Litter
7.Add Mixer Pump
Flow0.5”0.5” 0.1” 0.1”
Power0.5 HP0.5 HP1 HP1 HP
Jar Capacity 5 Litter5 Litter7 Litter10 Litter
8. Weighing Capacity
Aggregate900 KG 1250 KG1875 KG2500 KG
Cement250 KG300 KG500 KG 75 KG
Water100 Litter150 Litter250 Litter350 Litter
Additive5 Litter5 Litter7 Litter10 Litter
9.Discharge height 3.7 Metter3.7 Metter3.7 Metter3.7 Metter
Total Supply Required DG Set75 KVA82.5 KVA100 KVA 125 KVA