Asphalt Hot Mix Plant

Asphalt Hot mix Plant Manufacturer in Punjab
“SPECO” 30 to 120 TPH DM-35, DM-45, DM-50 & DM-60
6.100 M Long drum compete W/flight, bitumen and fines, Piping, sprocket drive Electric motor, Frame Mounted exhaust fan and drive Electric motor frame mounted chamber at discharge and drum has a special configuration to remove dust particles from the exhaust gas. A dust transfer screw in the bottom of the chamber has electric drive to waste collected dust. Dryer unit burner capable of  heating the aggregate to required transfer screw in the bottom particles from the exhaust gas. A dust transfer screw in the bottom of the aggregate to required temperature without any unborn fuel or residue on the aggregate and to reduce the moisture.
SINGLE DECK VIBRATORY SCREEN: Provided between the gathering and the slinger conveyor for the removal of the oversize material

LONG SLINGER CONVEYOR: Charging conveyor used with cold aggregate feeder equipped with a load cell for continuously monitoring the weight of the aggregate in TPH
BURNER PAKCKEGE: Drum mix burner with fan motor and fuel pump with an electric pre heater with auto o of control.
MINERAL FILLER AND DUST COVEYIENG SYSTEM: 1. Ton capacity steel plate with loading doors with pneumatic dust and filler conveying system rotary value with AC electric motor adaptor chute with fines piping back it drum mixer compressor with electric motor mineral filler rotary value motor & Mineral filler compressor.
COLD AGGREGATE FEEDER: Stationery cold aggregate feeder. Four bin cold aggregate unit includes- gathering conveyor with 600 driven by AC motor. Axially conveyor under each bin are driven by AC variable speed drive and fitted with adjustable gate.
STATIONERY BITUMEN STORAGE TAKE: Single compartment fitted with internal heat transfer coils. Fully insulted with 2” thick mattress glass wool with went. Pipe, two fill return connection draw of connection and drain complete with dial type thermometer, manhole and interior access ladder and socket for thermostate insertion access ladder to tank top with walk way and handrails.
LOAD OUT CONVEYOR: Truck loading will be by an include load out conveyor with heat resistant belting equipped with GOB hopper with hydraulic operated cam shell to provide surge capacity when changing trucks and controls segregation in the mix.
CONTROL PANEL & ROOM: Controls Stationery control trailer wide including entrance lobby to provide in operator room that house factory—installed asphalt plant controls and motors starters provision to fit an air conditioner, window glass, lockable doors, fully interior lighting. The control Cabin houses